Matcha Latte

The key to making a matcha latte that tastes like you bought it in a gourmet café or tea shop is to make the matcha first, then add the hot milk and foam.

1)    Add 1 tsp. Living Qi Matcha into your favorite mug
2)    Cream the matcha by adding 2 oz hot water and whisking until smooth and creamy
3)    Pour 5 oz steamed* milk into your favorite matcha bowl or teacup
4)    Add the “creamed” matcha tea to the milk
5)    Scoop foamy milk on top*
6)    Sprinkle with matcha powder or cocoa powder

*3) You can steam the milk using a steamer, or just bring it to near boiling.
*5) You may need a milk frother for this step.


•    Add vanilla essence, chocolate powder or mint essence
•    Sweeten with honey, manuka honey, stevia or brown sugar

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