Living Qi Organic Matcha Testimonials


We have customers all over the world, and many amazing individuals have shared their love for our Living Qi organic matcha green tea with us. Here is a sample of the testimonials we’ve received:

Dr. Sara Solomon, a dentist, model and professional body builder, wrote us a letter about our organic matcha tea benefits saying:

“Your Living Qi Matcha Green Tea is more than a drink…. it’s an experience.  I drink it everyday not only because it makes me feel focused and energized, but also because it is USDA certified organic, delicious, power-packed with nutrients and antioxidants and sourced carefully from small organic farms in Japan.  I wish I had tried this stuff years ago!  Thanks again for a wonderful product!”


Janeen Wynn, RN, a registered nurse, was thrilled about our organic matcha and says:

“Matcha has changed my life! I was consuming heavy amounts of caffeine and was able to switch to Matcha with out any withdrawal headaches. It provides calm, focused energy that allows me to enjoy meditation more than ever.”


Missy Hill, a big fan of Living Qi matcha, says:

“Living Qi organic matcha balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain. For me, drinking a cup is like getting a brain balancing treatment.  It gives me a calm, mental alertness.”