Matcha Tea BowlsBuy one of our handmade matcha tea bowls.

Our new matcha tea bowls are one of a kind pieces, each one is unique. We have priced these bowls to make them affordable. Most matcha bowls these days are made cheaply in factories in Japan or China, and then sold at a premium. Our tea bowls are handmade in western North Carolina by an expert potter who understands Japanese tradition. You can use these tea bowls for any type of tea, even tea in a teabag.

Matcha Tea Bowls Made in the USA

When you purchase this beautiful handmade matcha bowl, you are supporting an American craftsman and potter, who has dedicated his life to the aesthetics and art of ceramics. The tea ceremony, and your daily use of matcha green tea, will really come to life as as you enjoy your matcha tea in a handmade, matcha bowl. The tea masters of the past always enjoyed handmade, expertly crafted and unique bowls in their usage of tea.

The Japanese call these matcha bowls, chawans, and they have a long history in the Japanese tea ceremony.

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