The aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning can be intoxicating. “Wake up and smell the coffee” has become a mantra of pop culture, and Starbucks coffee shops can now be found on street corners all over the world. And yet, many people sense that the rat race and the adrenaline rush of a coffee buzz are a tad too connected. Matcha tea increases your energy, but doesn’t give you the shakes. In fact, while matcha invigorates your bodymind, increasing your focus and alertness, it simultaneously steadies your nerves and reduces anxiety.

The Japanese tea ceremony was cultivated as a way to refine the senses, increase alertness and get absorbed in the uniqueness of the present moment. Nothing pulls you out of the present moment like stress hormones, and yet coffee increases both cortisol and adrenaline. And while a little stress might afford you more energy, and a sense of temporary focus, matcha provides stress free energy with no crash afterwards.

So why substitute matcha green tea for coffee? Living Qi matcha is organic, 100% all natural and pure as the driven snow. Whisking up a fresh bowl of matcha in the morning will allow you sustained energy without the coffee jitters. When you substitute matcha for coffee, you will be taking a powerful step to breaking the addiction to stress that so consumes lives the world over.

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