Let’s not call it anti-aging for a moment. Let’s follow the example of longevity teacher and daoist energy master, Peter Ragnar, and call it pro-youthing. Ivy Greenwell wrote an article in 1999 about the health benefits of green tea for Life Extension Magazine. Greenwell observed the profound effects of matcha green tea on longevity by watching the amazing vitality of her neighbor, a practitioner of chanoyu, or, the tea ceremony. She concluded her thorough analysis of green tea with the following:

“I have a Japanese neighbor, one of whose friends happens to be a teacher of the tea ceremony, even though she is over one hundred years old. She amazes her younger friends by how fast she can walk up the stairs and how sharp her mind is. (How many Western female centenarians are still active in their profession, and still able to climb stairs?) Now, the teachers of the Japanese tea ceremony drink a very potent brew of green tea (called matcha). Basically, they sip it all day long. My neighbor reports that one time her centenarian friend gave her this piece of advice: ‘You want to live a long time? Drink a lot of tea.’

The super high anti-oxidant content of matcha is one of the reasons that it helps people live longer lives, but there are many other health benefits. Research on more than 40,000 Japanese people demonstrated that regular consumption of green tea reduced mortality by 27% from ANY cause. Green tea also prevented cardiovascular disease, the number one killer in the USA. So, for a serious pro-youthing strategy and if you want to live past 100 with vigor and strength, consider making matcha green tea a stable part of your diet.

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