and matchaI would like to thank Dr. Sara Solomon P.T., DMD for using as a resource for her excellent article: The 8 Wonders of Matcha Green Tea, which was featured on the website. You can see by looking at Dr. Solomon’s photo that she has spent a considerable effort to achieve radiant health and strong muscles. She is an inspiration to women. and matcha make a great fit. Dr. Solomon loves our Living Qi matcha and had this to say about it:

“Your Living Qi Matcha Green Tea is more than a drink…. it’s an experience.  I drink it everyday not only because it makes me feel focused and energized, but also because it is USDA certified organic, delicious, power-packed with nutrients and antioxidants and sourced carefully from small organic farms in Japan.  I wish I had tried this stuff years ago!  Thanks again for a wonderful product!”
Dr. Sara Solomon,

Body builders everywhere will be thrilled with the amazing health benefits of matcha green tea. Body building and matcha go hand in hand as matcha helps burn fat and rev your energy levels without the harsh side effects of common energy drinks.  With 137 times the anti-oxidants of regular green tea, matcha is the healthiest green tea in the world. Still, all matcha is not created equally. I highly recommend organic matcha, as does Dr. Solomon, certified by the USDA because there are many cheap green tea powders out there, some of questionable quality. In general the bright green organic matchas are good, while non-organic yellowish to brown matchas are suspect. There is no high quality matcha sold in a tea bag! To buy the highest quality organic matcha in the world, click here.