Inflammation is the evil twin of oxidation. The aging process is characterized by oxidation. In other words, in a forest fire or a bonfire, the wood is being oxidized or burned up. When a person ages and gets wrinkles, their tissues and skin are getting oxidized.

A Time magazine cover a few years back heralded the bad news: “Inflammation: the silent killer.”

Inflammation can be like a forest fire in the body, as in some severe inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease, or it can be like a fire in which there are only a few embers glowing here and there: unexplained pain in the joints, for example.

How do you put out a fire in the body? You put out the fire of inflammation by understanding the power of anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants are found in most plants, vegetables, and herbs. They protect the brain from shrinking and the brain and body from low level inflammation that damages neurons and nervous system tissue, thus affecting memory and cognitive function.

Why do humans achieve longevity when they consume copious amounts of anti-oxidants? Because their bodies are protected from the fires of oxidation…they don’t wrinkle as fast, shrink as fast or lose their minds…at all.

Now you know one of the reasons I keep hammering home the importance of our organic Matcha green tea and why I drink matcha green tea everyday. While gojiberry, dark chocolate, wild blueberries and spinach are great anti-oxidant foods,

Our organic Living Qi Matcha green tea has:

6.2 times the anti-oxidants of goji
7 times the anti-oxidants of dark chocolate
17 times the anti-oxidants of wild blueberries
and 60.5 times the anti-oxidants of spinach

Right now our organic Matcha green tea is on sale at only 29.99 for a month’s supply…and by month’s supply I mean that one can will last a month if you drink it EVERYDAY. Some people drink it every other day or 2-3 times a week and one can lasts them 2-3 months.

Drinking one cup of our organic matcha gives 137 times the anti-oxidant power of a regular cup of green tea.

So, organic matcha is one way to put out the fires of inflammation, oxidation and aging.