Many customers have asked me about radiation in matcha green tea since the nuclear power plant disaster in Fukushima, Japan. The Japanese government monitors the situation very carefullyradiation in matcha and reports on radiation levels after extensive air, soil, plant and food testing. The Living Qi company has also monitored this situation carefully, consulting with our experts in Japan.

Since the nuclear disaster in Japan, we have only purchased our USDA organic matcha from the Aichi prefecture, near Nagoya city in Japan. There has been no measurable radiation at all in the entire Aichi prefecture. If you click on the link below, you will see the results of measured radiation levels for all parts of Japan, including where matcha is grown.

Most companies sell matcha that is not USDA certified organic. Also, many matcha companies source cheap matcha from China. The Living Qi company is proud to source only the highest quality, radiation free matcha from Japan.

As you will see by clicking the link below, low levels of radiation are being reported at all our growing areas. The USDA is also monitoring radiation in products they certify as is US customs. Therefore we have no concerns about radiation in any of our Living Qi matcha products.

Our Living Qi Radiant Matcha is 100% free of radiation and certified by the USDA as 100% organic. As a health care professional this is the only brand I can recommend at this time.

To see the full map reporting on radiation levels in Japan you can click here.

To buy 100% USDA organic and radiation free Living Qi matcha, click here