The October 2011 issue of Bonappetit magazine has a smart, tight article written by Meryl Rothstein called “Meet Your Matcha” in which she outlines some of the culinary uses of matcha, including a suggestion by chef David Patterson of San Fran’s  4 star Coi restaurant recommending that Matcha be used like a spice. Patterson likes to use Matcha’s delicious flavor notes in acidic and sweet dishes, including his Matcha and Pistachio Crusted Halibut recipe. Living Qi’s organic matcha is perfect for cooking because unlike other culinary grades, which are often highly tannic and thus overly bitter, The Living Qi blend is perfectly suitable for daily drinking and it achieves a very fine balance for cooking. Living Qi organic Matcha is blended to balance slightly bitter and tart notes of citrus and mint with a rich delicately sweet umami essence. The bright green color of Living Qi matcha, and the fact that it is USDA certified will help you feel confident using it in your favotite recipes and foods, whether for family of friends.

Stay tuned for 2 new Matcha recipes: Greek Yogurt, White Choclate-Matcha Swirl and Patterson’s Matcha and Pistachio Crusted Halibut!