Shocking perhaps but “Alkalize or Die” is the title of an immensely popular book that explains the importance of creating alkaline (as opposed to acidic) tissues and blood. In 15 years of working with patients I agree with many of the principles of an alkaline diet while remembering that in Chinese medicine the most important principle is dynamic balance. Your stomach needs to be highly acidic to kill parasites and digest and absorb nutrients. Your small intestine needs to be highly alkaline to neutralize stomach acid.

Often people who get too alkaline in the wrong places harbor parasites and worms. By eating an easy to digest alkaline diet, your body is able to detoxify tissues, your liver works more efficiently and your pH balances itself naturally.

Our organic Matcha, Living Qi, is recommended and featured in Toni Toney’s new book: “Get Green, Get Clean EcoDiet: The Secrets of An Alkaline Environment.” Toni’s book is available on Amazon and at other select booksellers.

In her book, Toni conveys with amazing insight and charm, the incredible benefits of creating an alkaline environment in the body. Americans consuming the typical standard American diet (SAD diet) create bodily conditions that are highly acidic and make them prone to all sorts of health problems including pain and inflammation and increased risk of heart problems.

In “EcoDiet”, Toni outlines the simple equation that creates a radically healthy and energetic you: Green foods are high in chlorophyll and provide more oxygen to the tissues. Oxygen helps create a healthy alkaline pH in the body. Because Matcha is so incredibly high in cholorphyll, it is an alkaline superfood. By drinking one cup of Matcha per day you can immediately begin detoxifying the body and changing the body’s pH from acid to alkaline.