Research on herbicides like the very popular Roundup have correlated use of the chemical with birth defects in animals. As more and more research demonstrates the dangers of using herbicides and pesticides, the organic market is bound to grow.

Green tea is grown in a variety of climates around the world, and many farmers spray their crops with herbicides and pesticides. China for instance has very poor regulation of its chemical industry. I will never forget taking a bus through the pristine Huangshan mountains and seeing a rice farmer, knee deep in water, spraying herbicides into his crop.

Organic green tea and specifically organic matcha green tea is becoming more popular as people around the world realize the dangers of herbicides and pesticides.

With Living Qi organic matcha you can be sure that your green tea matcha is not adulterated with toxic chemicals that could be harmful to you and your family. Choosing Living Qi organic matcha also supports farmers who must go through a rigorous certification process to insure that their green tea fields are safe and free of chemicals.

Please support us in our mission to educate the public about the importance of organic matcha and please choose Living Qi organic matcha for you and your family.