Greens formulas are powerful antioxidants. They tonify your blood, detoxify your system, help prevent cancer and supercharge your energy level. Organic matcha is a potent green superfood.

According to Chinese medical theory, greens tonify the blood. When the greens are full of qi, which means grown organically and harvested and packaged in a way that preserves nutrient density and energy, they feed your bodies electro-magnetic field and help you produce red blood cells.

Red blood cells are like small toroidal magnets made from bone marrow. The quality of blood is synonymous with health in Chinese medicine. Blood is the mind, it is xin (Chinese for alert consciousness), the state of awareness.

Just like planets exert influence on other planets by their magnetic fields ensuring gravity, so too do the organs of the body influence one another through their electromagnetic fields.

The heart is the organ with the strongest electromagnetic field in the body. The hearts’ EM field is 1000 times stronger than the brains. The ancient Chinese called the heart the master of the organs. A master has influence, has gravity, has self awareness and self control.

When your blood is strong, and your bones, via the kidneys, are vigorously producing red blood cells, you will feel energized and alert.

One of the best ways to tonify your blood is with organic matcha. Matcha helps your body detoxify and purify and the health benefits of matcha are truly amazing.

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