Matcha Green Tea Benefits

Living Qi™ Matcha Green Tea Benefits

1. Quality:

•    Global tea experts agree that green tea from Japan is the best in the world. That is why the Living Qi™ company provides matcha green tea exclusively from small organic farms in Japan. We have the highest manufacturing standards in the world.

2. Health Benefits:

•    Because Living Qi™ Matcha is powdered green tea, you absorb all the antioxidants, fiber and phytonutrients from the entire tea-leaf, rather than throwing valuable nutrients out with the teabag.

3. Convenience:

•    Simply add 1 tsp. to a bottle of water, shake, and enjoy a delicious green tea beverage to keep you focused and energetic at work, at the gym, or wherever you are.

4. Beauty and Uniqueness:

•    Living Qi™ Matcha is a brilliant emerald green superfood, whereas other green teas often result in a yellow-brown and bitter liquid. The radiant green chlorophyll of Living Qi™ Matcha is an indicator of its’ superior quality.

5. Superior Taste:

•    Living Qi™ Matcha from Japan is fresh and delicious. Matcha from other countries is often bitter because of processing and poor growing methods. Living Qi™ Matcha is stone-ground by hand to preserve the taste, nutrients and antioxidants of the entire green tea leaf.

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