The health benefits of matcha are truly astonishing and one of the most important health characteristics of matcha is the high levels of catechin contained in the the powdered green tea. EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate, is one of the most widely researched catechin components in green tea. The amount of EGCG will naturally vary depending on the quality of the green tea. Living Qi matcha has the highest concentration of EGCG per gram of any tea measured to date. One gram of Living Qi matcha has about 66mg of EGCG. Even if you take concentrated extracts you will usually have to take at least 2 or more tablets to get the same amount of EGCG found in one serving of Living Qi matcha. Plus, our matcha is certified USDA organic which assures the purity of the farm and soil where the plants are grown.

EGCG has profound health benefits, as the catechin has been studied and used in cancer treatment, weight loss programs, diabetes cases just to name a few. As the health benefits of matcha continue to come to light, getting your daily dose of EGCG certainly can have a great health effect, and is one of the reasons why the ancient masters of longevity used green tea daily.

EGCG has been shown in research studies to have a beneficial effect on these conditions:





Prostate Cancer


Aging (via anti-oxidants)

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