beat anxietyI have found that an integral strategy for anxiety is best.. the opposite of integral is a pharmaceutical approach, which is linear. Not that drugs can’t help, they often do, but integral strategies hit the problem from multiple angles, because anxiety usually has multiple causes. All of the keys tie into each other and are integrated into a feedback loop of health:

7 Tips for Erasing Anxiety

The 7 Keys:

1) Meditation

* Simply taking 15 minutes, in a quiet place, to breath slowly and to ask yourself the question: “Does this anxiety serve me?” will help. Often the body is in a physiological habit of feeling anxious and that does not serve our health and well being. In some cases we are experiencing “good stress”, as in challenging ourselves to grow. I used to dislike public speaking and felt anxious about it…it was good stress for me because I learned to overcome it and I grew as a result. Learn through reflection and meditation how to distinguish between good and bad stress.

2) Oxygenation (when the blood is well oxygenated, the heart works less)

* Exercise: walking, swimming, raquet sports, yoga, tai chi, qigong etc.
* Deep breathing: 10 minute deep breathing sessions throughout the day, even just taking 12 deep breaths will change your state.
* Movement will oxygenate your blood and circulate your energy greatly reducing anxiety.

3) Food choices (less acidic foods, eat more alkaline rich foods (fruits and veggies). This ties into #2 because with the right food, your blood will be well oxygenated.

* If anxiousness is a problem temporarily eliminate sugar and caffeine from the diet. If you are addicted to coffee, take a break from it and try our matcha green tea.

This is your brain on matcha…matcha can help with anxiety by putting the brain in alpha state.

4) Detoxing the liver

* if you have not tried our 3 week detox program I highly recommend it, people lose weight and report amazing changes in their emotional states.

5) Sleep

* Getting in bed early will recharge your adrenal glands, often stress and anxiety is a direct result of the adrenal glands being weak, or producing too much adrenaline.
* The Chinese have a saying “One hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after midnight.” Getting to bed early recharges you and reduces stress.

6) Being in nature

* research shows being in nature, and taking walks in nature lowers blood pressure and reduce stress.

7) Minerals and electrolytes

* Often a whole food multi-vitamin and mineral formula can does taking extra magnesium, which has been shown to relax blood vessels