green tea radiationThe Fukushima disaster in Japan has ignited a firestorm of concern about radioactivity and the ill health effects of radiation. While panicking about the situation would be unwise,  a healthy dose of awareness is definitely in order as the nuclear situation unfolds in Japan. Recent analyses of wind and weather patterns suggest radiation fallout could reach the west coast of the US.

(update: there are no measurable levels of radiation anywhere near our organic matcha farms. You can see current maps of radiation in Japan by clicking this link)

While we are seeing runs on local supplies of iodine in Asheville and in many US cities, what people need to be aware of is that there are certain foods and herbs that can help the body deal with radioactivity.

Dr. Lu Chih-hong, the president of the Sheng Te Tang Chinese Medical Hospital in Taiwan, suggests that people consume green tea to avoid the effects of radioactive fallout that may come from Japan. He also strongly recommends organic green tea.

As you know by now, our Living Qi organic matcha green tea has more nutrition and EGCG in one cup than 10 cups of common green tea.

Many of the health benefits of matcha green tea: vitamin C, vitamin E, and catechins including EGCG may help people combat the effects of radiation.

According to Dr. Lu, Camellia sinensis, the plant that matcha green tea comes from, is a powerful substance that helps human bodies detoxify radiation contamination. Dr. Lu stated that research has shown that green tea can absorb as much as 90 percent of the radioisotopes in the human body and discharge it before it reaches the bone marrow.

Dr. Lu also said that Camellia sinensis assists the body in absorbing more vitamin C. By utilizing the nutrients in green tea more effectively, the possibility of getting Jod-Basedow syndrome, a hyperthyroid phenomenon one can acquire after taking potassium iodide to combat radiation poisoning, is reduced.

Iodine is a major component of seaweeds, so adding seaweed into the diet is also a good idea.

On April 17th, Monday, we will begin our annual spring 3 week detox and purification challenge and we should know more by then about how the radioactive situation in Japan is unfolding.

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