Using Matcha Green Tea to Create and Enhance Your Mood.

Matcha green tea is not only used for simple drinking, baking or making ice cream, matcha has more theanine in it than any other green tea in the world. Theanine is an amino acid with psychoactive properties. Research on theanine shows that it can help put the brain in alpha state, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Matcha has a very relaxing affect on the central nervous system and can put the body in an easeful, peaceful and relaxed state. After drinking matcha, one feels as if they have meditated or practiced tai chi or yoga.

When the ancient Japanese monks discovered how to make matcha, they used it in their tea ceremonies and meditation rituals because they found that with matcha they could sustain their focus and energy for up to 8 hours at a time.

While there is some caffeine in matcha, the theanine acts as a natural balancer to the effects of caffeine. The caffeine provides increased mental acuity and focus, while the theanine provides relaxation and bodily calm.

the uses of Matcha, therefore are quite varied. We use matcha for daily drinking and for the deep calm, relaxation and increased focus it provides. It is indeed a valuable meditation aid.

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