matcha and acneMatcha and acne might not seem to go together at first. But when you drink matcha it helps your skin, and you can also use matcha topically for acne issues.

I have done a good bit of scientific research on matcha for acne, but recently I have seen how effective matcha can really be for stubborn acne problems. Not only are my patients reporting excellent results with their acne problems using matcha topically, but I have seen amazing results with my own girlfriend. She was having a mild acne outbreak on her forehead and she began apply Living Qi matcha powder directly to the acne before going to bed. To our excited amazement, when she woke, her pimples had greatly decreased in size and redness. We could barely see where the acne was the night before!

In one of my other articles, I discuss the science behind how matcha green tea helps acne. In this post I simply want to let you know, that while drinking matcha really does help acne clear up, a more potent natural remedy for acne is simply dipping your finger into the matcha powder and applying it directly.

Our matcha is certified USDA organic and tested so that it is pure and clean for topical application on your skin.

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