Have you ever thought about what real self confidence is? What is confidence? What are we saying when we say someone has confidence? Are we saying they have a strong ego? Are we saying they are fearless? Are we saying confidence and cockiness are the same thing?

Surely we have met people that come across as sure of themselves, but are they bluffing? What is underneath the exterior that creates a real sense of confidence.

When I examine these questions I think first about what the word means: con=with and fidence=fidelity, faithful, loyal. Another definition of confidence could be “one who is loyal or faithful.” But faithful to what?

I like to define “self confidence” as one who is faithful and true to themselves. Someone who can listen to their own unique inner voice and be true to it is confident. Someone who learns to be their own best friend and to be their own best coach is confident.

To practice confidence imagine being your own best friend or coach for the day. How would you treat yourself? What would you do? How would you treat your own thoughts? Surely if you noticed some negative thoughts you would not beat yourself up! But you might gently ask yourself if you could change the negative patterns and focus on the positive.

For today try practicing real confidence by listening to and trusting yourself. By being true to yourself and loving yourself your confidence becomes authentic.