One teaspoon of matcha (3 grams) contains about 70mg of caffeine, or about the same as one cup of coffee. I recommend about 1 gram per serving which is one third the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Of course you can drink matcha to taste and add as much as you like or reduce the water content for a stronger brew.

The caffeine in matcha is not released quickly as it is in coffee, plus in addition to the slow release of caffeine, there is a high amount of theanine content so that these two effects cancel out the coffee “jitters.” Most people feel very relaxed after they drink matcha tea.

I call the caffeine in matcha “healthy caffeine” and like to point out that it is a profound meditation aid and awareness tool.

Zen Budhist monks often meditate for 3 to 6 hours at one sitting and they harnessed the power of matcha to help them stay focused and concentrated for such long periods.

While there is caffeine in matcha, we here at Living Qi call it “the healthy caffeine” because it is absorbed differently than caffeine in other substances such as coffee. Caffeine in matcha binds to the larger catechin molecules, which are also powerful antioxidants, and is released into the bloodstream slowly over time. Matcha also contains theophylline in small amounts which is similar in chemical structure to caffeine and is absorbed slowly and over time into the bloodstream.

As your body assimilates the catechin molecules, the caffeine is slowly absorbed. In this way, the catechins act as carrier molecules for caffeine and the caffeine may play a role in the healthy absorption of the catechin anti-oxidants. The caffeine in matcha therefore is ‘time-released.’

Smaller dosages of caffeine released over longer periods of time can provide sustained energy for up to 6 to 8 hours.  Though I have found the effect of the caffeine to be very subtle and I am able to sleep after drinking matcha. The caffeine in coffee can hit you like a freight train causing coffee jitters and spikes in your adrenaline and cortisol levels. After the adrenaline and cortisol spike, people often feel a low blood sugar depression.

So if you are interested in a most powerful meditation tool, a superior meditation aid to help you stay relaxed and focused at the same time, try our Living Qi organic matcha.

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