Some experts say 95% of people who make resolutions for the New Year fail to achieve them, but there are simple ways to dramatically help you focus and achieve your goals. Typically, weight loss and getting fit is the number one resolution people make, according to polls.

I am asking that you start your New Year with our weight loss and detoxification program. It only lasts 3 weeks and I will be doing the program with you and help you with coaching support along the way. I lost 15 pounds of fat the last time I did this program. You can have the program delivered to your door and you do not have to leave your home to participate. read on to learn more about our program and how to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

To help make your resolutions stick this year use these 5 tips:

1. Set Small Attainable Goals and Write Them Down.

* Writing down your goals and making small steps can make a huge difference in your success.

2. Quit a Behavior Cold Turkey, For a Time.

* If you cannot stop drinking or smoking for a month you may need addictions counseling. Start cold turkey and see if you can then moderate your behavior and reduce negative habits.

3. Use the Tool of Your Awareness.

* Meditation is a powerful tool for understanding your cravings. Simply sitting quietly and doing deep breathing for ten minutes can help you decide not to choose a negative behavior.

4. Reward Yourself for Victory.

* For example, after you complete our 3 week detox and weight loss program, spend some money on yourself, take a trip, go shopping or buy yourself a gift to mark your achievement and reinforce it.

5. Make changes in Your Choice of Friends.

* If your friends share all your bad habits and are unwilling to change them, then reevaluate who you spend time with and make a plan to find friends that support your goals.

Are you ready to scorch body fat, rev your metabolism, get on track for the New Year and purify your body?

Our 3 week Program includes:

* Coaching Call: Normally $130.00

* Four Specific Whole food Supplements: Normally $223.00
1. Scorch Fat Formula
2. Feed Cell Formula
3. Detox Liver Formula
4. Intestinal Cleanse Formula

* Healthy Recipe Book and Grocery List: Normally $19.00

* Free Email Support: Normally $150.00

* Detailed Step by Step Program Instructions: Free

The program includes step by step instructions and is very simple to follow:

1.Order program by replying to this email.
2.Pick up program at clinic or receive it at home.
3.Begin program when you wish.
4.Call for free coaching call.
5.Follow the step by step food plan.
6.Take supplements as directed in detailed simple plan.
7.Enjoy recipes as you detox and lose weight!

Normal Program Cost: $522

Limited Time New Year Special: $199

For a Short Time Save $323!

100% money Back Guarantee. You Risk Nothing!

To learn more about what exact supplements are in the program, click here.

Call us at 828.254.4405 to order your program while it is still ON SALE!