By: James Whittle L.Ac.

My old friend Jim Wolf, who passed on a couple of years ago used to like to say “60 seconds now or $600 dollars later.” He was referring to taking 60 seconds to get something done, like changing the oil in your car, so as to save your car from more expensive repairs later; or exercising now to prevent future health problems.

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of healing work, it is most important to think in terms of prevention first. We eat the right foods and stay active to prevent the body from breaking down later. We take “60 seconds” now to do deep breathing exercises to avoid stress and the havoc that stress creates in the body/mind later.

The Japanese are arguably one of the healthiest cultures on the planet; they have low rates of cancer of heart disease compared to the US. One reason for this is that they eat plenty of fish, they eat fermented foods like miso, and they drink plenty of green tea, including matcha.

This Christmas when you think of your family and friends, consider giving them the gift of health and prevention. You can easily send them a matcha starter kit and help them get off coffee. Matcha is a unique and healthy gift idea and we are offering free shipping on select items. We will even give 10% of the proceeds of your purchase to a charity that serves homeless and poor children during the holiday season.

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One of my missions is to provide superior nutritional products that help the mind and body to function in an optimal state. Our matcha helps the mind to relax and remain calm. Because matcha is so calming, it is the beverage of choice for meditation and relaxation. If you have not tried it, I highly recommend you do so.

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