We are going to use big words here like DESTINY, CALLING and MEANING. Do you believe you have a destiny in life? Do you have a calling? Do you find meaning and purpose in life? Simply put, if you don’t feel you have a purpose or calling then you are missing a deep and important source of joy in your life.

Central to traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the notion that the Heart is the regulator of the entire human being. The meaning in our lives comes from a life lived in relationship to the Heart, aware of what creates peace within and aware of what creates disorder in one’s life. The result of a life lived in accordance with the destiny of the innermost heart is felt as joy. Joy is the emotion of the heart. If we see in a patient that there is no joy, then we must address the heart to understand why.

In fact joy is our natural birthright and a healthy life most definitely should be a joyful life. If you look at your life right now can you truly say that you are most often joyful? If not then it is an important part of healing to release what we call “little mind” and to experience once again, life as it is free of thought. After all, the only thing that suffers is your imagination right? Think about it for a moment. It is the story we tell ourselves in our minds that creates or dissolves our suffering.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever heard of Viktor Frankl? Viktor was imprisoned by the Nazis at the feared death-camp called Auschwitz during World War II. After watching his entire family be tortured and killed he finally decided that there was one thing his captors and killers could not take away from him…his soul and his will to live.

He decided then and there that if he survived he would use the remainder of his life to teach others that happiness is possible even under the most terrible circumstances. I highly recommend his book called “Man’s Search for Meaning.” Here is what Viktor had to say about his purpose:

“I had wanted simply to convey to the reader by way of concrete example that life holds a potential meaning under any conditions, even the most miserable ones. And I thought that if the point were demonstrated in a situation as extreme as that in a concentration camp, my book might gain a hearing. I therefore felt responsible for writing down what I had gone through, for I thought it might be helpful to people who are prone to despair.”

Now if Viktor Frankl can find meaning and joy in life after watching his entire family murdered, then perhaps we should analyze our own lives and see what bad attitudes we can let go of.

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