Who chooses where you put your attention? Does the media? Your TV? The brands and billboards we see around us? I am going to wager that we can all take control of where we put our attention and that choice is incredibly powerful.

Will, when it is free, is the power to direct attention. Will is the sustain of attention as well. You decide on something, then you attain it by sustaining your attention on all the necessary steps it takes to get there.

Attention can simply observe the contents of the mind, this is a form of passive meditation. Meditation can also involve using intention or will to visualize or focus on something in particular, which is an active form of meditation. Creative visualization and manifestation techniques use this form of concentration.

The power of where you put your attention profoundly affects the quality of your life. What do you spend time thinking about on a day to day basis? Some consciousness researchers estimate that a good 90% of our daily thoughts are repetitious and based on old thought forms or images seen in the past. Understanding this, we can quickly realize why it is so important to continually expose yourself to uplifting thoughts, images and people.

One incredibly powerful way to increase the quality of your life is to take a week and document what goes on in your mind. Some people are surprised to see how much fear and negativity goes on in their thinking. This is a normal process. Over time, these thoughts that seem so troublesome will loosen their grip on you as they are exposed to your awareness.

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