Please take 100% responsibility for your health…but a coach helps.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But how many of use TRULY take 100% responsibility for everything in our lives without at least a partial distribution of the blame? Your health? Yep…100% your responsibility…right now. Now, this does not mean things will never happen to you that would cause poor health. You might be exposed to chemicals in the environment for example, but starting now…starting right where you are, wherever you are reading this right NOW…you’re in full control to make the decisions you need to make the move towards optimal health. And it all starts with the CHOICE, which is the DECISION to TAKE ACTION.

As a practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I like to tell the story of the ancient days in China when physicians were required to keep the population healthy. In fact, if doctors could not teach people to stay well and prevent disease then they were fired! This was quite a different system than what we have today which is built on illness. Can you imagine if the pharmaceutical companies put even a fraction of their billion dollar budgets to work preventing the illnesses that they create expensive drugs for?

The ancient Chinese tribes, where much of modern Chinese medicine originated were communities based on wellness. Sure they had healers that administered to the ill. But the people in those communities were taught from an early age how to achieve wellness. They were taught what plants were poisonous or difficult to digest and what foods to combine during meals as well as what foods to not combine so as to enhance digestion. They were taught exercises like Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

The best doctors and healers today are those that act as life coaches and teach patients how to care for themselves and how to be well.

Regardless of how bad your health may seem, by taking responsibility and not depending only on drugs, surgery or your doctor to save you, you can make the DECISION to get well. So, stop right now, take a deep breath…and ask yourself…are you ready? Are you really ready to TAKE ACTION to be well?

Some people will suffer incredibly so they don’t have to change a thing. Some people will live miserable lives toiling all day everyday with low energy, lethargy and depression in order not to try something new. Sure it is easy to blame our environment, our healthcare system, or our doctor or our drugs…but does blame really get you anywhere?

Often people need to get really sick and feel terrible before they have the motivation they need to change, don’t be one of those people. Start now, wherever you are…all you have to do is make the decision and prepare to take ACTION. The decision to heal is step one, the actions you begin to take are step two. Take it step by step and surely you will reach your goal.

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