increase energyIncreasing energy and vitality is much more than just drinking a caffeinated and sugar filled drink when you are tired. To increase energy effectively, in a way that lasts, it is important to take an integrated approach. These 7 actions can quickly increase your energy and change your mental state from negative to positive:

1. Take 15 deep breaths

Deep breathing immediately dilates the blood vessels and puts the body in a relaxed state while oxygentating the blood stream has an energizing effect.

2. Drink 5 full glasses of water

I have been recently experimenting with deeper hydration and I can attest that drinking much more water than you thought possible has an amazing energizing effect. The body’s hydro-electric system and circulatory system will love you for it. When I wake up I drink at least 5 glasses on an empty stomach and I have much more energy for my 5 mile jog/walk than when I do not do this. I learned this from an amazing book called: Your Body’s Many Cries For Water. This is hard to get used to and some patients tell me that they cannot get down more than one glass, but it takes some practice.

3. Walk Briskly for 10 minutes

Even just a short 10 minute walk can completely change your mental state, get your blood pumping and increase your energy. The results are even better if you can get into nature.

4. Tell someone you love them

Think of someone you deeply care about, whether family member or friend and make a 10 minute phone call to tell them how much you love and appreciate them, it will give you a deep satisfaction and instant vitality.

5. Dance to your favorite song

Put on your favorite tune and let yourself rock out, lately I have been enjoying my Michael Jackson.

6. Forgive someone from your past

Take a few minutes to think of someone from the past that you can forgive. As soon as you realize you can release any negative thoughts about them you will feel much lighter and full of energy.

7. Whisk up a hot cup of matcha

As you know by now, matcha green tea is energizing and relaxing at the same time, helps you burn fat, lowers high blood pressure and gives you an immediate and deepened sense of focus and concentration.

As you work with these 7 tips I also recommend you combine them all to radically increase your sense of positivity and peace in the world.

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