matcha alpha brain wavesThere are numerous health benefits of matcha green tea. When you drink matcha alpha brain waves increase. Living Qi sources and provides very high quality organic matcha from Japan. Research indicates that after consuming matcha tea, the brain exhibits numerous alpha brain waves.

Alpha is a name for a particular brain wave frequency. When brainwaves are in alpha frequency, a person is typically very relaxed. For instance, after people get a massage, their brains exhibit high concentrations of alpha brain waves. If you see a person talking rapidly after a cup of coffee, they are most likely in beta frequency.

Beta brain waves are associated with activity and multi-tasking. So if you want a deeply relaxed and calm mind, matcha can assist you in achieving the alpha state. Theta waves are more pronounced during deep sleep.

The location of specific wave frequencies in specific parts of the brain is also important. When the left and right hemispheres of the brain are synchronized, with high evels of alpha pattering, this indicates a relaxed and calm mind. The caffeine in matcha increases a persons ability to focus and visual acuity. Caffeine is antagonized by the amino acid theanine, so that the combination creates a pleasant sense of alert relaxation, the perfect state for meditation.

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